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Tears of the Sun

Legend states that, with the approach of sunset, the sun languished saddened by having to stop seeing the beauty of Granada. The stories tell that a poet who strolled along the Alhambra, seeing the sadness of the sun, decided to write a few words about its reflection on the water of a fountain.

“Do not be sad by the time blinding you. Beauty exists because it is futile. Rest easy, because that same time that is now blurring the beauty of Granada will grant you new opportunities to enjoy it again.”

Then the sun, excited, shed tears over the water of that fountain, and it gained a special glow that shone in the shadows of the sunset in the Alhambra.

The poet, amazed by the situation, took a large earthenware jar to store that miracle and went home.

There, stored in his basement, where he discovered that every day at sunset, when the sun went down on the horizon, the water shined lighting the whole room. An unique and captivating shine that was repeated exactly every day.

The poet never told this story to anyone, knowing that if the miracle was discovered, the magic moment when the sun understood the deadliness of the beauty would disappear. He then accepted with regret that the essence is what prevails in the memory.

Even today, there are many who seek the famous “Jar of tears”, as widespread is the belief that the water it contains preserves the beauty and the memory of those who drink it.

Fact or fiction, the legend gives us a beautiful lesson on the volatility of beauty. Even today, every sunset in the Alhambra, there are many who breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that beauty will always rest lodged in their memory.


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